Our work

With our deep understanding of user interface, user experience design, data visualisation and digital storytelling, we offer our clients far more than just a website. We create digital products for web, tablets and mobile devices that provide an unparalleled user experience, and offer a range of services to support their implementation.

  1. Project Syndicate

    Project Syndicate

    Our redesign of Project Syndicate’s website offers an array of features and visualisations to showcase the organization’s content in new and innovative ways.  

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  2. Flowli Publishing Platform

    Flowli Publishing Platform

    Modernise your newsroom and expand your readership with Flowli’s innovative approach to digital publishing. We create customised tools and offer innovative features to meet your needs. 

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  3. UNESCO Project Planner

    UNESCO Project Planner

    Young adults can learn how to successfully launch their own projects with this interactive web guide developed for UNESCO. 

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  4. Bundesrechenzentrum


    When Austria's Federal Computing Centre (BRZ) overhauled their brand identity we developed the corresponding visual design for their website.

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