How we work

We strive to be reliable, pro-active and transparent in our communication with our clients every step of the way. We take pride in developing long-term relationships built on trust and mutual understanding. 

Exploring every opportunity

For us, project briefs aren’t simply a list of tasks. They are a starting point to explore and discover interesting new opportunities together. We look beyond the scope of the assignment to reframe goals and create long-term value for our clients.  

Listen, learn and repeat

Ludopoli is all about listening to you, learning from your experience and creating new ideas together. That’s why the first step in any project is to listen to our clients’ needs, ideas and frustrations. We want to learn anything and everything about your business, so we can find the right solution for you. And that’s how over the years we’ve been able to gain insights into the education, food preparation, finance, health care and travel sectors, as well as journalism and media. 

Facilitating a discussion

It’s never a one-way street at Ludopoli, so be prepared for us to ask a lot of questions about all aspects of your work and organisation. Some of these questions might not seem directly relevant, but your answers and the information they provide are invaluable resources when we are testing ideas – both before and after the launch of a product or service. 

We co-create and co-design

Some agencies meet with a client and then return weeks or months later with their proposal on how to move forward. We are not one of those agencies. We believe that there is tremendous value in sharing our creative process with you, our partners. This not only ensures that we avoid misunderstandings, but also creates trust and ownership on both sides of the relationship. And we find the results are much stronger for it, often far exceeding initial expectations. 

Feedback and resolution 

Listening to feedback and resolving issues form the core of our approach to customer service. We guarantee a respectful, polite, and constructive environment. After all, we want your project to succeed just as much as you do. 

Celebrating successes 

Successful digital products are sometimes hard to fully grasp – quite literally, as there is nothing to physically hold or touch on launch day. Therefore, we find that it is incredibly important to properly celebrate and acknowledge everyone’s input and hard work along the way.

Ultimately, the most successful projects are born from both a deep commitment and incredible passion for the work and product at hand. Because we love what we do, we offer plenty of both.