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Project Syndicate

Ludopoli built the web portal for Project Syndicate, the world's largest and most esteemed opinion-focused syndicate, offering original, engaging, and thought-provoking commentaries on our changing world from those who are shaping its economics, politics, science, and culture.

i-teria is an online interior design magazine featuring content of the interia print magazine, as well as a shop and events directory. Ludopoli built an engaging, multi-language platform that automatically adjusts its content based on the selected region.

SAL School of Applied Linguistics

Ludopoli created an interactive learning environment, branding, print & web presence for this school in Zurich. is an innovative travel blog built on a semantic content structure.

Etica, the selected typeface, allows a confident yet flexible display of data through a variety of weights.


We created information design guidelines for BOP, an independent research and strategy consultancy.

 Various screen designs were produced, this being the closest to the live version that had to take into account front end code and bandwidth limitations.

BBC Shownar

Built for the BBC, Shownar tracks 'buzz' around its TV and radio programme.

Amongst many others, we have worked on projects for …

Lindt, BBC, Experian, G4S, Bühler, JAB Lindt, BBC, Experian, G4S, Bühler, JAB